Hai Duong Tourism, Hai Duong Hotels, Hai Duong Taxi, Hai Duong Tourist, Hai Duong City

Hai Duong Tourism, Hai Duong Hotels, Hai Duong Taxi, Hai Duong Tourist, Hai Duong City, Hai Duong Tourism, Hai Duong Hotels, Hai Duong Taxi, Hai Duong Tourist, Hai Duong City, Hai Duong Tourism, Hai Duong Hotels, Hai Duong Taxi

Bach Van hermitage and fairy Chessboard

The fairy chessboard is located on Con Son mountain's top where there was a small hermitage that was called Bach Van, bent roofs, banisters around.

According to the legend, in one afternoon of Autumn, some famous men pursuit a track to go to the from Kinh Bac visted Con Son. After burning onsence, observing ritual, visiting around, they bested in the pagoda. Early morning in the nextday, they pursuited a track to go the top of mountain which was in dense fog. When going near the top, they heard laughters and voices so they thought that the night before there had been probably some people in the hermitage. But, when arriving these famous men were totally surprised because there was no one in the hermitage but a chessboard was played unfinishedly. Having a deep thought, they rectioned: in the night before, the dense fog was a bridge to link this top of mountain to the sky and the fairies went down and played this chess . The presence of those men made the fairies immediately ride on clouds to come back to heaven. That is why the hermitage and chessboard were callde Bach Van hermitage (white clound hermitage) and fairy chessboard./.

Pearl well

Located on one side of Unicorn mountain, below precious tower Dang Minh its right linked to fairy chessboard (Ban Co Tien). The Pearl Well is the Unicorn's eye.

According to the legend, in one night of July 15th (lunar year), Huyen Quang bonze and other Buddhist monks and nuns, after observing rituals, came back to their room. It was late at night. Everybody went to bed. In his dream, Huyen Quang saw a shining pearl on the side of mountain. When he bended out to clearly see the pearl, the pagoda's bell rang, making him wake up. The early morning came, all of monks and nuns went to the pagoda for chanting prayers.

When thinking over his dream in the night before, Huyen Quang and other bonzes went to the side of mountain to examine. After clearing trees, they found a well of wich water proved so sweet, fresh to make comfortable for everybody.

They came back to the pagoda did thanksgiving for this well and asked gods' permission for deepening, enlarging, and using stone brick to built the lip of this well. Since, the well has been calledGieng Ngoc (pearl well) and this wen's water is used for worship in the pagoda./.

Hun Pagoda

Con Son mountain has been called Hun mountain in demotic language. Con Son pagoda is called according to the name of the mountain: Con Son pagoda or Hun Pagoda. Its real name is Thien Phuc Tu .

Con Son means Con mountain; Regarding to Hun name, according to a legend Con mountain once was covered by dense forest. People went to mountain in order to cut firewood and burned it to have coal. Therefore, in the whole forest there was always smoke like people fumigated. So they called this mountain Hun fumigation.

There is another legend of Hun name: In 10th century, Dinh Bo Linh who had been born in Hoa Lu (Ninh Binh) raised troops to quell revolts of 12 war-lords. Being chased by Dinh Bo Linh's insurgenttroops, the troods leaded by Pham Phong At in the north-east area lurkhad to flee and in Con Son forest. A solution was given by Dinh Bac to catch enemies by burning the forest. Insurgent troops lay in ambush for catching them. The plan was undertaken. Day after day, Pham Phong At's troops could not stand hiding themselves and had to go out to be captured alive by insurgent troops. With fumigating plan, the Con Son mountain has been called Hun mountain and  Con Son pagoda has the   name Hun Pagoda./.

Con Son history and legend

Con Son is a monument of culture, history and famous landscape of the country. It is restored and embellished in 1304. Since Tran dynasty, Con Son pagoda has been known as one of three centers of Truc Lam Buddhitsm sect, Yen Tu and Truc Lam pagodas are the two others.

This area is closely linked to names and careers of many famous Vietnamese men such as Tran Nguyen Dan, Huyen Quang and especially the national hero - international cultural celebrty Nguyen Trai. Con Son has had a honor to receive President Ho Chi Minh and many of Party and State leaders for visit. It is rare in Vietnam to have a place converged by important values in many fields such as history, culture, religion and sunic beauties like Con Son./.

Phuong hoang mountain and Chu Van An temple.

About 4 km from Con Son and situated in Van An commune of Chi Linh district, Chu Van An temple is a place of cultural relics and natural beauty with extended pine forest and famous sights. In the temple; there a altar is for worshipping of Chu Van An and his tombs. Phuong Hoang mountain is also a famous scenary with extended pine forest, clear springs, heaving, rocky mountains, ancient towers and pagodas circled by 72 mountains. This is a mountain famous and scenic lied in a system of relics. This is also a place where many famous man in Ly and Tran dynasties entertained their minds. Besides, Huyen Thien and Le Ky which are also famous pagodas locates here.

Chu Van An temple

Chu An alias Chu Van An (1292 - 1370) is a famous teacher in the Tran dynasty. He spent over a half of his life on give training in Royal College. Many of his students succeeded in their career. After being unsuccessful in submitting a petition to the king on beheading 7 sycophantic courtiers, he came back to Phuong Hoang to seclude from society, teaching, making up a medicine and writing poems for future generations. After his death, he was buried in this region here by his students, awarded Van Trinh title by the King. A temple called Phuong Hoang was erected to worship him. However, during anti-French war, this temple was seriously destroyed. Therefore, since 1997, the temple has been recovered item by item by donation and offertory of teachers and students in the whole country. In this  region, there are  various vestiges of the Tran dynasty and a stone stele presenting career of the famous teacher and the process of recoving Chu Van An temple. In the ending of Le Trung Hung's reign, this temple was put in Chi Linh Bat Co (8 ancient monuments of Chi Linh).  

Two annual festival take place at the temple in August and January main festival days are on 25 August and 26 November.

The temple was ranked in 1998./.

Hai Duong Tourism, Hai Duong Hotels, Hai Duong Taxi, Hai Duong Tourist, Hai Duong City, Hai Duong Tourism, Hai Duong Hotels, Hai Duong Taxi, Hai Duong Tourist, Hai Duong City, Hai Duong Tourism, Hai Duong Hotels, Hai Duong Taxi, Hai Duong Tourist, Hai Duong City

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