Top Airports in the World 2010, Princess Juliana International Airport, St Maarten, Incheon International Airport, Korea, Changi
Top Airports in the World 2010

Changi in Singapore, Incheon in Korea, Keflavik in Iceland, Juancho E Yrausquin in Saba are among the best airports in the world 2010. Such best international airports meet the Lonely Planet's standards including original structures, luxurious facilities, beautiful surrounding sights, and so on. Below are the list of top airports in the world 2010, let's have an in-depth look and vote the best one for your own as follows.

Flights of Princess Juliana International Airport, St Maarten is located 15 kilometers northwest of Philipsburg and run by Princess Juliana International Operating Company NV (PJIAE). The airport will make passengers to go the way to Maho, a fabulous beach on the side of the airport runway. Besides the beauty of white sand and blue seawater, the beach is best-known for the sign: "low flying and departing aircraft blast can cause physical injury".
  Princess Juliana International Airport, St Maarten

Changi Airport is the most important airport in Singapore is about 17.2 kilometres north-east from the commercial centre in Changi. Changi won all the awards for best performances and is adored by locals although they do not take the flights. Those who have to transfer between flights can take bus tours of downtown Singapore or relax at the airport’s on-site swimming pool, and resting in a hotel room.

Incheon International Airport, among the largest and busiest in the world is situated 70 km west of Seoul, the capital and largest city of South Korea. The airport is famous for golf fields, spa, private sleeping rooms, a casino, indoor gardens and a Museum of Korean Culture. Incheon won the "Best in Service Award in Class" title at the 1st International Conference on Airport Quality and Service by the IATA and the ACI, and was ranked No. 2 in the list "Best Airport Worldwide".

Keflavik International Airport, among the largest airports in Iceland is located within 3 km from Reykjavík’s city centre, Iceland. The airport is seen to be a Scandinavian space station featuring the adjacent Blue Lagoon, a spa behind the rolling tundra. A 50 km bus transfer is used when domestic and international flights are transited.

Hong Kong International Airport was ranked No. 2 in the list "busiest airport in the world" in terms of cargo traffic, carrying 3,384,765 tons of cargo. The airport is situated on the island of Chek Lap Kok to distinguish it from the closed Kai Tak Airport. Hong Kong International Airport is among only three airports in the world winning Skytrax's prestigious five-star rank

Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport is located on the Caribbean island of Saba, in the Netherlands Antilles. The airport plays an important role from the Netherlands Antilles' Civil Aviation Authority despite a non-commercial facility.

Kansai International Airport is situated on an artificial island in the middle of Osaka Bay, 38 km southwest of Ōsaka Station, Japan. The airport is one of the magnificent man-made structures seen from outer space.

Vancouver International Airport is situated on Sea Island in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, about 12 km from Downtown Vancouver. Vancouver International Airport won some remarkable international airport awards including the Skytrax Best North American Airport award in 2010, and Best Canadian Airport award

Princess Juliana International Airport, St Maarten

Changi Airport, Singapore

Incheon International Airport, Korea

Keflavik International Airport, Iceland

Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong

Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport, Saba

Kansai International Airport, Japan

Vancouver International Airport, Canada

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