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Riverview Hotel in Hue City

Address: 15 Doi Cung, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue Province, Viet Nam
Phone: (84) (54) 827 403
Fax: (84) (54) 827 529
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The city of heritage. The city of festival

Thua Thien Hue is located in the centre of Vietnam and on principal North-South transport-tation axis with Thuan An sea port, Chan May deep sea port and Phu Bai Airport. Besides, Thua Thien Hue is an important economic development pole of the key economic area of the Centre and the gateway of East - West Economic Corridor connecting Myanmar, Thailand, and Laos with East Sea. This creates favourable conditions for the Province to develop commodity economy, services, tourism and expand cultural and economic exchanges internally and externally.

The center of Thua Thien Hue Province is Hue city, an ancient capital with a lot of historical and cultural monuments and famous landscapes. The complex of Hue monuments with unique architectural masterpieces were recognizied as one of the world cultural heritages by UNESCO. Besides tangible cultural heritages, Thua Thien Hue also has Hue court music, the first intangible cultural heritage of Vietnam, recognized as a masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO.

Hue cultural heritage marks a decelopment period of the national culture with unique values of architect, art, music, manners and customs, traditional handicraft, cultural festivals, which create unique cultural identity of Vietnam. Hue heritages and other world heritages in the Centre of Vietnam, such as Quang Binh and Quang Nam have formed "the Central heritage road"

Hue is the land that possesses not only special cultural features of the Orient but also a great deal of resources for economic development of the key economic area of Central Vietnam. Hue urban is step by step affirming to be the city of tourism and festival of Vietnam. It is also the province situated on the East-West Economic Corridor connecting Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam with East Sea. Thua Thien Hue has focused on upgrading its infrastructure such as wharf, airport, industrial zone; consolidating local transportation system; reinforcing source of strength to construct institutional system for tourism, culture, health, education so as to create motivation to boost socio-economic development. Thua Thien Hue is gradually affirming its position and continuously striving to be one of the great national centers on culture, health, education and training, tourism, service and international exchanges.

From the Vietnam-France Cultural Festival jointly organized by Hue City and CODEV in 1992, the idea of a festival with a series of cultural activities and impressive and specific festivities was performed right in the beginning year of the new millennium. Success of Festival Hue 2000 created premise for the successes of Festival Hue 2002, 2004 and 2006, step by step affirming the brand name of Festival Hue and capability of organizing cultural activities and festivities of regional and international scale, creating premise to turn Hue into the city of Festival of Vietnam

Garden house

The system of Hue gardens consists of house gardens, pagoda gardens, tomb gardens, and palace and royal gardens, which were buitl on both sides of the Perfume River but mainly concentrated in Ngoc Ho, Nguyet Bieu, Luong Quan, Kim Long, Duong Xuan and Vi Da. According to statistical figures, Hue has 1,778 garden houses comprising a total area 400 m2 or more, among them 675 typical gardens, and 30 palace gardens with the surface of 400-800 m2. Dozens of famous garden hollses haven been designated as "cuitural heritage sites," which include Ngoc Son Princess' Palace, An Hien, Vinh Quoc Cong, Lac Tinh Vien, Prime Minister Pham Huu Dien's.

Garden House. The purpose of Hue house gardens is not economic profit but rather pleasure and self-improvement, and character development. Hue garden houses, many of which were built hundreds of years ago, accommodated noble classes, upper strata, and Confucian scholars from all corners of the country. The flowers in Hue garden houses are planted according to certain principles. Generally, plants and flowers in one garden house are divided into the following layers. The outside layer consists of those used for making hedges (bamboo, Chinese tea plant, muttiplex bamboo, rose-mallow, wild pineapple, banana). The next layer consists of fruit trees that are easy to grow (coconut, fack-fruit, malagasy plum-trees, phrynium, rose-mallow). Next are fruit trees of high economic value that need careful and constant attention (gandaria, orange, mandarin orange, persimmon, mangosteen). Finally, the inner layer contains beautifying trees, decorative plants, flowers and some species of creeper. In Hue garden houses, there are certain species of flowers that blossom throughout the year and others that do so seasonally. In addition, trees with multicolored leaves contribute to lively natural scenery with pleasant fragrances.

n summer, flamboyant yellow flowers are in full bloom, in autumn and winter, hydrangeas bloom at night to inspire poets, magnolias blossom after each squall of rain and provide fresh aromas around the garden gate as if to tempt passersby. In spring, ancient yellow plum trees behind the gate show off brilliant flowers as a signal of the new season. White plum tree petals fall spottily on the walkways, "lavender point towards the eastern neighbourhood" and stand behind the ancient folding screen. In March, longan flowers blossom like steamed rice, pear flowers like butterflies, tomentose rose myrlle flowers a brilliant violet Each season has its own particular flower and fragrance, which makes the people become lively and feel as if they live in spring all year round.

In the middle of this natural space usually stands a trussed wooden house (one, three, or five compartments and two outbuildings). The house has a folding screen, located on the main axis of the compartment, and the two images of a flanking dragon and bowing tiger confronting each other on opposite sides of the yard. Finally, a "minh duong", a water element which might be an earthen fish tank or a lotus pond behind a rock garden.

Families that have a Hue garden usually lead simple, poor, but honest lives full of cultural and human values. Old houses and ancient gardens are important sites for preserving the national traditions and customs in general as well as the specific philosophy and traditions of the respective families. As Mr. Phan Thuan An, (official of the Research Division of Hue Center for Historlcal Monument Conservation) said: "These are the precious spiritual values that grandparents and parents often advise and remind their offspring to preserve in thier everyday life. These spiritual values are embedded in the following words: family breeding, family education, famlly rituals, family ethics, family tradition, family customs and habits, household affairs, family reputation, etc. which is generally called "family order". Fine family order is handed over from one generation to another, which actively contributes to personality educatlon and shaping, training talented members in the family.."

Hue gardens are located against the backdrop of the city's already charming natural scenery, which is considered by its people as the creator's beckoning them to create one of their own. It is up to each individual as to whether they wish to build "big flower gardens," "small flower gardens," or man-made "hanging gardens." The combination of assorted plants stone gardens, and even miniature models of rock gardens are all unique features of Hue gardens. Therefore, when tourists come and visit famous garden houses, they all have the feeling of peace and solitude as they are absorbed in the silence of nature. What is more remarkable is that during the Hue festival, many garden house tours acknowledge the. cultural values embedded in garden houses are worth preserving. Hopefully in the near future, UNESCO's evaluation of Hue as a "World Cultural Herltage" site as well as its as a "green city" will help Hue remember itself and further develop the art of garden house culture. .


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