Ninh Binh Tourism, Ninh Binh Hotels, Ninh Binh Taxi, Hanoi Hotels, Hanoi Airport Transfers

Ninh Binh Hotels, Ninh Binh Tourism, Ninh Binh Hotels, Hanoi Hotels, Hanoi Airport Transfers Service

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Ninh Bình is a province located in Vietnam. The capital city of the province is Ninh Bình. The city lies between the Ma and Red rivers. The city is to the south of the Northern Delta. Ninh Bình shares a short coastline which is adjacent to the Gulf of Tonkin. Tourists can trust the Hotels in Ninh Binh to provide them with all the necessities and amenities one can expect during their vacation. The island offers some of the best Hotels in Vietnam.

Ninh Binh has the pace of a large country town – a welcome respite if you’ve just escaped the bustle of Hanoi. Apart from the scrum of guesthouse owners greeting the trains, and the charming chorus of ‘Hello, how are you’ from the local children, you’ll largely be left alone as you wander the quiet streets.

The surrounding countryside is gorgeous, confirming all the postcard fantasies of what Vietnam has to offer – water buffalos, golden-green rice paddies, majestic limestone for­mations and more. There are plenty of sights in the vicinity to justify a stay of several days. The only place of interest in the town itself is a large modern east-meets-west Cathedral (Ð Hoang Hoa Tham) near the train station.

The best of backpacker culture can be experienced here. While not a difficult place to visit, Ninh Binh seems to attract interesting travellers with a zest for new experiences. It’s a great place to make travel buddies.

Last updated: Feb 17, 2009


Ninh Bình Tourism and Service Joint-Stock Company

Address: 77-Trần H­ưng Đạo Roard

Ninh Bình City.

Tel: 030.875158

Fax: 030.630706


Services: Tourism information and Consultation. Domestic and overseas tour programmes operation. Air, train, bus, ticket booking service

Ninh Bình Train Station

Address: Thanh Bình Ward, Ninh Bình City.

Tel: 030.871301

Services: Train ticket sale and information   

Minh Long Trasportation Joint-Stock Company

Address: Nam Thành Ward, Ninh Bình City.

Tel: 030.882300

Services: Hight quality Bus Ninh Bình – Hà Nội and reverse direction,

Taxi Service (030.881122),

Car for Rent...

Train Ticket Booking Service On The Telephone

Tel:  030.874374


Ninh Binh Tourism, Ninh Binh Hotels, Ninh Binh Taxi, Hanoi Hotels, Hanoi Airport Transfers

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