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Located on the banks of a mighty river, the River Red, Hanoi has served Vietnam as its capital for more than thousand years. The charming city has undergone a lot of foreign influences and preserves the cultural impact of all these conquests. The culture therefore has become varied and makes for a very interesting subject of study. Initially devastated by the War, Vietnam became accessible to tourists from1989 and more after that, as measures were taken to develop the South East Asian nation as an exotic tourist destination.

Tourism for every country is important as it opens up avenues to a strong economy as well as building up new relationships. The geographical beauty as well as the cultural ethnicity has lured a large number of tourists to this wonderful island destination.

Features of Hanoi Tourism

  -   Hanoi is served by an Airport, Noi Bai Airport from where you can rent a car to reach downtown Hanoi. Hanoi also enjoys a good railway network and bus service. Once in the city you can move around on feet.

  -   For a comfortable stay in Hanoi, there is a wide range of accommodation selection available for you. You can choose from five star accommodations to budget ones and guest houses. Wherever you stay, the warmth of the Hanoi hospitality will be the same.

  -   Being the cultural center of the country, Hanoi is strewn with historical relics of all sorts and of different ages. Some are worth visiting like The Temple of Literature, Flag Tower of Hanoi, One Pillar Pagoda, Hoan Kiem, The Old Quarter and many more.

  -   The interesting city is home to many museums too like the Vietnamese National History Museum, National Museum of Fine Arts, National museum of ethnology to name a few.

  -   The old streets, now part of The Old Quarter have been well known for the different trades and merchant house holds that use to deal with jewellery and silk traders.

  -   The most popular place to visit is the West Lake, the largest lake in Hanoi. The surrounding area is dotted with temples and a spectacular floating restaurant.

  -   The night life of this city is equally live as the daytime. There are several clubs, bars, cafes and restaurants where you spend an evening with your family.

  -   The restaurants specialize in the local delicacies. For a night time shopping experience you can visit the night market that operates during the weekend. Other shopping malls like Hang Da Market and Dong Xuan Market are equally famous.

  -   For adventure lovers too Hanoi has something on offer. The tourism of Hanoi has taken measures to develop adventure sports like kayaking, rock climbing and trekking.

  -   The colorful festivals of Hanoi are another reason to attract tourists to this South East Asian country. The festivals are a great time to learn about the local customs and beliefs.

With so much to offer, Hanoi is definitely an interesting place to visit. Its charm lies in its simplicity and will captivate you in no time.



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